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No more walking, just eating.


You Choose

Order and schedule your delivery before 12pm (noon) for same-day delivery. Currently, we deliver on every Mon, Wed & Sat🎉

We Deliver

Our drivers will carefully gather all your meals and hand deliver to you at your selected time (between 5-8pm)😉

You enjoy

Eat whenever you want. Heat up and enjoy the food within minutes🕒

enjoy meals under $10 delivered and save hours of walking.

Just like meal prepping,
but restaurants do it for you.

Not your average delivery service

We deliver bulk meals from popular restaurants at discounted prices. Order a combination of meals from a variety of restaurants and have them delivered to you in one trip!

Want broccoli beef from China Bowl and falafel from Mozy's Shawarma? Done! No additional fees over $15. Sweet😋

Ready to eat in no time!

Everything is cooked and prepared at the same day. All meals are microwavable and ready-to-eat in minutes. Just heat up your food and dig in.

We deliver three times per week (Monday, Wednesday & Saturday)😉

Stay healthy & explore new options!

Select from a variety of fresh and nutritious options to help you fulfill your New Year’s “resolutions”! Want to try something new? Order our trial-sized meals for a low cost (coming soon)🥗

No B.S. fees(no tip, delivery/service fee)
What you see is what you pay (before tax)

Build with 💖 in KW Area

Mokey is being incubated at Velocity🐣, a startup incubator in Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Have a question?

  • What is Mokey Meals?

    Mokey Meals is a weekly meal marketplace connecting university students/professionals with top restaurants (seriously, we only pick the top one or two restaurants within each cuisine). With Mokey, you save time and money by buying bulk meals at discounted prices. All meals are microwavable and ready to eat in minutes.

  • How does Mokey Meals work?

    Select your meals, schedule your delivery, and get free delivery when you order more than $15. Orders must be placed before 12 pm(noon) for same-day delivery. We will pick up your food and hand deliver them to you between 5 - 8pm. Currently, we deliver on every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. 🚚

  • Are the meals hot when you deliver them?

    Sorry, they might not! All meals are freshly prepared the same day(and might be stored in the refrigerator before delivery). We deliver bulk prepared meals NOT hot meal.

  • So, what is the catch(how do you make money)?

    Sorry, no catch here!At Mokey Meals, everything is priced in and what you see is exactly what you pay (before tax). We believe that the power of being transparent with cusomters will create long-lasting trust. Buying in bulk allows us to negotiate better deals with restaurants, and we pass some of the discounts to you. That is how we make money and feed our kids.😊

  • Is there a minimum requirement for the number of meals I need to order?

    No, as long as you order more than $15, you will receive free delivery. If under, we will charge a $3.99 delivery fee.

  • Can I order from multiple restaurants?

    Yes, you may order whatever you like from many different restaurants or only one resturant, and we will deliver to you in one trip. As long as you buy more than $15, you will get free delivery.

  • Do I have to order multiple meals from one restaurant?

    No, there is no minimum requirement for each restaurant. You may order whatever you like from many different restaurants or only one resturant. As long as you buy more than $15, you will get free delivery.

  • Will you deliver directly to my room?

    We offer free delivery to only your apartment lobby, and charge an additional $0.99 for direct room delivery (must provide building/buzz-in code).

  • After I place an order, how do I know what time it will be coming?

    Your driver will text you a 30-min delivery window after placing your order. Please leave us a note if you prefer delivery during/before certain times.🎈

  • How are you different from other delivery services (like Uber Eats)?

    More selections, lower prices. You can get meals from more than one resturant with no additional charges. More importantly, you are paying less for the meals and enjoying free delivery.🎉

  • I cannot find any information about Mokey on the Internet. Are you legit?

    We are a group of graduates and co-ops at a Kitchener start-up incubator, Velocity, and this is a new project we are working on and getting ready to launch.😂